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Super producer, Charles Palmer, began his journey in Jackson, MS. Singles such as "99 Ways by Rocko Feat. Jazze Pha - click here", "My City by David Banner" and "Soulfood by Boo Rossini - click herehave solidified his role in this industry. Ranging from R&B, trap, to trap EDM, there isn't a sound that he can't create. After chiseling away at his talent, he creates the perfect symphonies of sound. With his entertaining tagline for his productions "Charles Palmer," chances are everyone will know exactly who assembled the instrumental.
  • Rocko
  • Jazze Pha
  • David Banner
  • Mykko Montana
  • Boo Rossini
  • J Sky
  • Hollywood Luck
  • YBM
  • The List Goes On....
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