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The ambitious and motivational Young Reecialago was born in Germany and raised there until his family moved to Oakland, California during his teenage years. It was there, in the region’s ever-so-popular Bay Area music scene where he started to rhyme with childhood friends. Also, it’s the hyphy rap capital of the world where he got most of his lyrical game and street smarts. Though heads may feel like he has a southern hip-hop style, it has always mirrored closely with the energetic hyphy flair of lyrical verses and hypnotic hooks. Besides, there is a lot of Cali flavor in the phrases and punchlines that he uses.

Efficial is more than meets the eye. He dedicated 8 1/2 years of his life to serving his country in the U.S. army as a surgical technician. He is also a proud single father of a 6-year old boy, after the passing of his wife last year, may she rest in peace. His late wife, mom & dad, brothers & sisters, grandparents, and friends are the biggest supporters in his musical career. Those who know Efficial, know he is very persistent and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Efficial states “I live by musical expression and believe I have the desire, drive, and motivation for success.

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